Ekaterini Alexiou - Chatzaki PhD

Professor of Pharmacology
Laboratory of Pharmacology
Faculty of Medicine, Democritus University, Greece

Personal info

Telephone3025510-30533 / Fax +3025510-30533
AddressLaboratory of Pharmacology,
Faculty of Medicine,
Democritus University of Thrace,
Dragana, Alexandroupolis,
68100, Greece.

TEDx Alexandroupolis talk "Stress: two sides of the same coin."

Our Team:

Research Interests

  • Novel therapeutic targets in stress-related disorders based on stress and other neuropeptide mechanisms in human physiology and pathophysiology

  • Pharmacoepigenetics

  • Hormone-dependent and other malignancies: tumour markers, gene therapy, nano-technology in pharmacotherapy.

  • Clinical studies for new anticancer schemes.

  • Health and Safety in the use of hazardous drugs.

Curriculum Vitae



R&D Projects

  • (2002) Investigator «TGF-1 and melanoma» funded by the Ministry of Eduacation (program PENED 2001), University of Crete.
  • (2002) Investigator «Selective CRF Antagonists for Bowel Disorders", Small Business Innovation Research Program, Neurocrine Bioscience Inc, La Jolla, CA and UCLA.
  • (2004) Principle Investigator “The role of Corticotropin Releasing Factor (CRF) in the pathophysiology of Gastrointestinal and Reproductive Systems”, PYTHAGORAS Ι: Strengthening of Research teams in Universities, DUTH.
  • (2005) Supervisor “Correlation study between arylamine N-acetyltransferase type I (NAT1) an breast cancer” programme for Post-doctoral Research in Greece (NSF), DUTH.
  • (2005) Investigator “Establishment of a collaboration framework for training, research and education for Public Health and Hygiene and Safety at workplaces in the cross-border region of Greece-Boulgaria”, program INTERREG IIIA/PHARE CBC), DUTH.
  • (2006) Investigator “Epidemiological study for collection and evaluation of demographic data of epilepsy patients in Greece”, Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceuticals, DUTH.
  • (2006) Investigator “Epidemiological study for collection and evaluation of demographic data of migrane patients in Greece”, Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceuticals, DUTH.
  • (2006) Work Package Scientific Leader «ΙntraMEDnet - A Mediterranean Research and Higher Education Intranet in Medical and Biological Sciences», ARCHIMED – Interreg III, Strand B, ERDF, DUTH.
  • (2006) Investigator “The role of β-catenin και HURP in hepatic carcinogenesis”, Program ‘Competiveness’ common Research and Technology Programs Greece-Turkey, DUTH.
  • (2008) Trainer in the Scientific field 12 «Risk assessment of working positions in Health Services» of the project “Development of human resources for Public Health” , measure 5.2 «Society of information»), National School of Public Health.
  • (2010) Principle Investigator “The system of Corticotropin Releasing Factor (CRF) in embryonic development”, HRAKLITOS II: Strengthening of human resources by implementation of doctorate research, DUTH.
  • (2011) Investigator “Development of innovative nanocarriers of ixabepilon and study for their application in the treatment of breast cancer”, COOPERATION «Cooperative projects of small and medium impact”, DUTH.
  • (2012) Principle Investigator BIOPEST “Harmful effects from the use of plant protective products: specialized biomarkers in the service of Public Health and information campaign” Program “Development of Human Resources 2007-2013, protection of Public Health of the population”, DUTH.
  • (2012) Principle Investigator MEVIR «Cross border epidemiology of sexually transmitted viral infections in the female populations: molecular diagnostic approaches», INTERREG IV ‘Greece-Boulgaria 2007-2013’, DUTH.
  • (2014) Principle Investigator BioEpi: « Identification and characterization of epigenetic biomarkers in human disease », Novartis (Hellas) ΑΕΒΕ and other companies, DUTH.

Selected Publications

  • Chouridou E, Lambropoulou M, Koureta M, Balgouranidou I, Nena E, Simopoulou M, Papadopoulos N, Kortsaris A, Chatzaki E. A complete corticotropin releasing factor system localized in human fetal lung. Hormones, 2014 Apr;13(2):229-43.

  • Chatzaki E, Anton PA, Million M, Lambropoulou M, Constantinidis T, Kolios G, Taché Y, Grigoriadis DE. Corticotropin-releasing factor receptor subtype 2 in human colonic mucosa: down-regulation in ulcerative colitis. World J Gastroenterol. 2013, 7;19(9):1416-23.

  • Karampli E, Souliotis K, Polyzos N, Kyriopoulos J, Chatzaki E. Pharmaceutical innovation: impact on expenditure and outcomes and subsequent challenges for pharmaceutical policy, with a special reference to Greece. Hippokratia. 2014 Apr;18(2):100-6.

  • Devetzis V, Zarogoulidis P, Kakolyris S, Vargemezis V, Chatzaki E. (2012) The Corticotropin Releasing Factor system in the kidney: perspectives for novel therapeutic intervention in nephrology. Medicinal Research Reviews, 2013 Jul;33(4):847-72.

  • Kaprara A, Pazaitou-Panayiotou K, Chemonidou MC, Constantinidis TC, Lambropoulou M, Koffa M, Kiziridou A, Kakolyris S, Kortsaris A, Chatzaki E (2010) Distinct distribution of corticotropin releasing factor receptors in human breast cancer. Neuropeptides, 44, 355-61

  • Balgkouranidou I, Karayiannakis A, Matthaios D, Bolanaki H, Tripsianis G, Tentes AA, Lianidou E, Chatzaki E, Fiska A, Lambropoulou M, Kolios G, Kakolyris S. Assessment of SOX17 DNA methylation in cell free DNA from patients with operable gastric cancer. Association with prognostic variables and survival. Clin Chem Lab Med. 2013 Jul;51(7):1505-10.

  • Zarogoulidis P, Chatzaki E, Hohenforst-Schmidt W, Goldberg EP, Galaktidou G, Kontakiotis T, Karamanos N, Zarogoulidis K. Management of malignant pleural effusion by suicide gene therapy in advanced stage lung cancer: a case series and literature review. Cancer Gene Ther. 2012 Sep;19(9):593-600.

  • Constantinidis TC, Vagka E, Dallidou P, Basta P, Drakopoulos V, Kakolyris S, Chatzaki E. Occupational health and safety of personnel handling chemotherapeutic agents in Greek hospitals. Eur J Cancer Care (Engl). 2011 Jan;20(1):123-31.

  • Paschos KA, Charsou C, Constantinidis TC, Anagnostoulis S, Lambropoulou M, Papachristou F, Simopoulos K, Chatzaki E (2010) Corticotropin Releasing Hormone receptors mediate opposing effects in cholestasis-induced liver cell apoptosis, Endocrinology, 151(4), 1704-12

  • Kaprara A, Pazaitou-Panayiotou K, Kortsaris A, Chatzaki E. (2010) The Corticotropin Releasing Factor System in Cancer: expression and pathophysiological implications. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 67(8), 1293-306

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  • Chatzaki E, Murphy B, Wang L, Million M, Ohning GV, Crowe P, Petroski R, Taché Y, Grigoriadis D (2004) Differential profile of CRF receptor distribution in the rat stomach and duodenum assessed by newly developed CRF receptor antibodies. Journal of Neurochemistry, 88(1), 1-11

  • Chatzaki E, Crowe P, Wang L, Million M, Taché Y, Grigoriadis D (2004) CRF Receptor type 1 and 2 expression and anatomical distribution in the rat colon. Journal of Neurochemistry 90, 309-316

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  • Chatzaki E, Bax CRM, Eidne KA, Anderson L, Grudzinskas JG, Gallagher CJ (1996) The Expression of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) and its receptor in endometrial cancer and its relevance as an autocrine growth factor. Cancer Research, 56, 2059-63

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