Anna Tavridou PhD

Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Laboratory of Pharmacology
Faculty of Medicine, Democritus University, Greece


Telephone3025510-30530 / Fax +3025510-30530
AddressLaboratory of Pharmacology,
Faculty of Medicine,
Democritus University of Thrace,
Dragana, Alexandroupolis,
68100, Greece.

Research Interests

  • Pathophysiology of atherosclerosis: in vitro (culturing of monocytes, hepatocytes, endothelial cells) and in vivo studies (animal models).

  • Study of genetic polymorphisms involved in: a) the pathogenesis of diabetes, cardiovascular and other metabolic disease, b) response to antidiabetic, cardiovascular drugs, c) drug metabolism.

  • The role of hydrogen sulfide in cardiovascular disease.

  • Clinical studies of biomarkers in atherosclerotic disease / drug response.

  • Pathophysiology of vascular calcification: study of biochemical and genetic markers in subjects with diabetic nephropathy.

  • Pathophysiology of osteoarthritis: study of adipokines/biomarkers in human samples and effect of drugs.

  • Development of novel antiatherosclerotic, lipid-modifying, and antioxidant compounds.

Curriculum Vitae



Selected Publications

  • Tavridou A , Avranas A, Arzoglou P. A mathematical approach to lipolysis based on the interrelationship of physicochemical and biochemical data. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1992;186:746-752.
  • Tavridou A , Unwin NC, Laker MF, White M, Alberti KG. Serum concentrations of vitamins A and E in impaired glucose tolerance. Clin Chim Acta. 1997;266:129-140.
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  • Tavridou A , Laker MF. Field inversion gel electrophoresis for apolipoprotein(a) genotyping. Anal Biochem. 1999;272:282-285.
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  • Tavridou A , Kaklamanis L, Papalois A, Kourounakis AP, Rekka EA, Kourounakis PN, Charalambous A, Manolopoulos VG. EP2306 [2-(4-biphenyl)-4-methyl-octahydro-1,4-benzoxazin-2-ol, hydrobromide], a novel squalene synthase inhibitor, reduces atherosclerosis in the cholesterol-fed rabbit. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2007;323:794-804.
  • Tavridou A , Kaklamanis L, Papalois A, Kourounakis AP, Rekka EA, Kourounakis PN, Charalambous A, Manolopoulos VG. Antiatherosclerotic properties of EP2302, a novel squalene synthase inhibitor, in the cholesterol-fed rabbit. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 2008;51:573-580.
  • Ragia G, Arvanitidis KI, Tavridou A, Manolopoulos VG. Need for reassessment of reported CYP2C19 allele frequencies in various populations in view of CYP2C19*17 discovery: the case of Greece. Pharmacogenomics. 2009;10:43-49.
  • Ragia G, Petridis I, Tavridou A, Christakidis D, Manolopoulos VG. Presence of CYP2C9*3 allele increases risk for hypoglycemia in Type 2 diabetic patients treated with sulfonylureas. Pharmacogenomics. 2009;10:1781-1787.
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  • Lalidou F, Kolios G, Tavridou A, Drosos GI. Bone grafts as carriers for local antibiotic delivery for the treatment and prevention of bone infections. Surg Technol Int. 2014 Nov;25:239-45.

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